Nails glide down his back 

Silken thighs wrapped round his hips

Tongue tasting, sweet honey mouth 

Soft flesh of her neck, his lips do kiss

Rocking deeper, she clutches tighter 

Wanting moans sigh 

Breasts swell under his hands 

Golden tresses pour along the pillow

Above the roaring in his ears 

Pleading him for more

Violet Grey 

Copyright, 2018 – The Life of Violet 

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest 


A time to heal

This Flu’s hit me like a brick. A few days ago me and my boss arranged for another dresser to cover me for the rest of the run, which finishes this week, as there’s no way I would have been able to get better in time. 

I’m gutted I can’t be there with the girls and the cast, but this is pretty nasty.

In all honesty I think that’s what I went down with the first time round, got a little better and it’s come back to hit me full force. Having said that, I definitely need this time to recover. 

I’ve had a blast working on this show and I’m thankful to have been given the opportunity to work on it 🙂

Recovery’s happening slowly but surely. I’m able to eat a little more and my strength’s starting to come back, so a few more days to a week and I should be back to my normal self again 🙂 

Whilst I’ve been resting, I’ve been reflecting a little. I’ve absolutely adored this job and learned a whole lot. I faced some of my fears, made new friends and colleagues and saw that I could work in a theatre. 

Throwing yourself in to work after a bereavement isn’t easy, but it kept me going and proved a welcome distraction.

I’d like to thank those of you who has left me a message of encouragement/support through my dressing work and whenever I had a panic, down day etc. It means the world ❤ 

Now in the next few months I’ve got some exciting projects to look forward to and back to getting my writing published 🙂 

As the old saying goes: One chapter ends, another begins. 

Let’s see what happens! 
All my love,

Violet xx

Things aren’t good right now

For the second time, I’ve not been able to go in to work. Last night when I came home, all was well. I had a lavender bath to wind down, have some ‘me’ time before the next two show day. 

Truthfully, I’ve been feeling off the last few days. I had a blistering headache, and my muscles were sore in the aftermath, but with ibuprofen and gaviscon (stomach’s still not been right since the sickness bug) I was good to go. 

Then I started feeling really off, and long story short, became physically sick again. I was determined to get better for work today, but it just hasn’t happened. I’ve barely slept, kept waking up in hot and cold sweats, painfully sore (could barely move at one point) and feel like I’ve caught an awful chill. 

It’s come back to bite at me again. 

Since being seriously ill last spring, my immune system hasn’t completely come back to its former glory. I pick things up very quickly and it can hit me tenfold. It sounds awfully like a flu virus but either way, it’s not great. With this job, you can see how this conflicts. 

I felt awful dropping the text to my boss at 6am that I couldn’t come in again. I wouldn’t do it unless I absolutely couldn’t. Though they say they want me to better, I feel like I’ve let them down. 

The girl we brought in before couldn’t come in but we did find someone else who could come in. I’ve got cover arranged and if I’m not better by next week, a plan’s in place for me to be covered for the rest of the run.

It’s that time of the year where everyone’s catching things. As well as this, my anxiety has been really playing up. Truth be told, I’ve not been coping well at all.

Losing my grandfather, one of the cats on top of a high pressure job and getting sick has really taken its toll. I’m going to try and get to a doctor tomorrow to see what treatments are available. 

It’s been a tough two months. It’s been one thing after another and I think now my body has just had enough.

All my love, 

Violet xx

My boyfriend: How we met

I met the gorgeous man that is my boyfriend almost three years ago, when my sister was getting married. I was a bridesmaid, he was best man. 

Technically, I first saw him a few years ago, at my now brother-in-law’s local pub on New Year’s Eve. We had gathered both sets of families along with some of my brother-in-law’s best friends to see the new year in. He was one of them. I didn’t speak to him but remember thinking he seemed like a nice guy. 

But we didn’t properly meet, be introduced, sit down and talk to each other until many years later. My sister and brother-in-law were a few months away from getting married and as he was best man, he wanted to be able to dance for the wedding.

At the time, I regularly went to Latin social dance classes in one of my city’s nightclubs, so my sister suggested he go with me to pick up a few steps.

I wanted to properly talk with him before dancing (Latin dancing isn’t for everyone, so I wanted to make sure he was ok with it) so we arranged to meet in a pub not far from where we lived. Me, my sister, my brother-in-law and this mysterious guy I hadn’t seen in years. 

My first thought when I saw him? “Yep, he’s still as cute as I remember him!” 

Only he’d matured with the years. His hair was shorter, his frame more muscular and he was taller than I remembered. We hit it off pretty much straight away. 

We were both on the same wavelength about things I felt passionate about and really got along. Like I mentioned before, our age gap played a huge part in that (I’m in my early 20s, him his early 30s). 

I couldn’t figure out why, but there was just something about him that just drew me to him. I just knew when I met him that night he would be really important to me in some way. 

A few weeks went by and we met to go to our first dance class followed by a social dance. Bless him, he looked so nervous! But we danced together and had a great time! It just felt so right. Really right. It felt like with him, I was completely at home. I’d never felt like that about anyone before. 

A dance turned in to a cuddle, a cuddle turned in to our first kiss. 

And the rest, they say, is history! 

A huge thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for being there for me through thick and thin, for making me laugh and being the brilliant human that you are. Your love means the world to me,  and I love you dearly 💝

And P.S. You look pretty damn hot in your suit! 😉 
All my love, 

Violet xx

*Picture – Pinterest 


A Tender Night (Short Story. NSFW.)

Closing the door behind him, Ryan hung up his coat on the rail. Lily did the same and when they met each other’s gaze, they both burst out laughing. 

The way back to his place after a lovely evening out to a French restaurant had ended in hilarity. Mainly, in her tripping and them both landing on top of each other for all to see. Most would have been mortified, but not her. She just merely laughed it off. That’s what loved about her. His best friend that had grown in to something more. 

Tonight had been their first proper date, after years of bubbling under the surface. Ryan surmised being with Lily was the best date he’d ever been on.

“I can’t believe that happened!” Lily giggled, shedding her cardigan and hanging it up. Ryan’s eyes automatically dipped to the classy LBD that hugged luscious curves and felt his chest tighten.

“Well, you know how clumsy you can be.” He teased her with a wink. Lily playfully swatted his arm as he walked past.

 “Says you!” 

They both chuckled as he took her hand and led her in to the living room. He switched on the light, leaving it dim while she head towards the drinks cabinet. 

“Do you want a drink?” she called but he shook his head. 

“I’m good, thanks.” 

When Lily turned round, Ryan was sitting comfortably on the sofa. She felt her breath catch at the way his white shirt fit wonderfully around his muscular torso, top buttons undone showing a delicious glimpse of his chest. His short, dark chocolate hair framing his chiselled, angular features and moss green eyes. 

Ryan’s stare had gone from playful to dark, scanning up and down her body, undressing her with his eyes. He savoured the sight her untamed blonde curls, her full, kissable pink lips, the dress he’d been wanting to get her out of all night…He held out his hand.

“Come here…” 

He didn’t have to tell her twice. In a second, she took his hand and he pulled her down on top of him. 

His hands gently roamed over her hips, threading in to her hair as he took her mouth in his. Gentle and probing, he took it slow. Though Lily had had boyfriends, they were very few and far between and she never just dated around. She wouldn’t even consider a date unless she actually really liked someone and he respected that. He didn’t want to scare her off by rushing things. 

She kissed him back tentatively, responding to his touch. Gently she ran his hands over his chest and his every nerve stood to attention. Her hair tickled at his neck as she placed a tender kiss in the crook of his neck. A soft moan rose from his throat as she continued, gently kissing at the sensitive skin.

Delicious waves began to rush through him, his arousal throbbing against his trousers. His breath grew more shallow, hands running down and cupping her soft behind. His body jerked involuntarily, threatening to burst with every press of her sweet lips.

“Lily…” He whispered shakily. She placed a soft kiss on his lips, hazel eyes glinting. 

“Do you like that?” she whispered and traced her hand over him through his trousers. Ryan sucked in a breath through gritted teeth. Oh God, did he like it. His mind spun in a haze when he felt her begin to unbuckle his belt and pull down his zipper. He jerked upward. 

“Lily…” He cupped her face in his hands, holding her stare, “are you sure?” 

Yes, being with her was something he’d wanted, fantasised about for years. But he wouldn’t take things further unless she wanted him to. She smiled down at him. 

“Yes…” she ran a hand gently through his hair, “I want you to, Ryan…” 

Ryan didn’t say another word, part from stunned silence, the other from showering her in tender kisses. She lifted her skirt above her hips and pulled his trousers and underwear down. Hitching a condom from the drawer, he rolled it down himself.

Ryan’s breath caught. She wanted him. She actually wanted him.

Her eyes never left his as she slowly, inch by inch, lowered on to him. Ryan sucked in a deep breath. God, she felt incredible. Placing her hands on his chest, slowly she began to rock. 

Ryan lost himself completely in her. He didn’t want it to end. With every delicious grind, her breasts swaying under her tight dress, his fingers kneaded at her hips as his flexed involuntarily, his moans driving her on. 

Hips ground faster, her soft groans singing in his ears, searing heat coursed through them as their love went from gentle to passionate. Ryan’s climax shuddered through him, clinging to Lily’s hips while she cried out his name. 

Collapsing on top of him, Lily let out a content sigh before Ryan placed a sweet, small kiss on her lips. For a long time, he just held her close, not wanting the night to end. 


Violet Grey

Copyright, 2017 – The Life of Violet 

All Rights Reserved. 

*Picture – Pinterest



One step at a time

Here I am, curled up in bed resting on my days off. I’ve worked 8 shows this week (we’ve got 8 shows a week until the show finishes in two week’s time) and my body is feeling it! 

As you know, Lush bath products have become my new little treat for myself after a long day at work. They smell incredible, which helps me to wind down, but also they’re easily some of the best products I’ve ever used. Scrubee body butter? My skin has never felt so soft! Ahhh….

After my time off from being ill, I was quite anxious about going back. But I faced my fears (and still facing them!) and got my ass back there. Sometimes, you’ve just got to put your big girl pants on and face the world. 

What honestly surprised me was how many people asked me how I was doing and if I was feeling better. Even people in the production team who I barely speak to besides a passing “hello” were asking me how I was. Never was a truer word spoken when they say word travels fast in a theatre! 

One of the older actors who I dress at the end of the show said it was good to have me back, which really touched me. What a lovely thing to say! 😊 So that really picked my mood up after feeling low. 

Up until yesterday, I’ve been completely wired this week. Now the tiredness is starting to catch up with me! 😂

My meditations/ relaxation breathing in between changes seems to be helping as I’m starting to feel a little more relaxed and settling in to a little routine. 

I’m trying to be more mindful, using relaxation tools to do that and stay in the moment. I’ve been using a great app that has relaxing sound effects, backdrops and meditations that helps as well. 

It’s not easy, but I’m taking one step at a time. 😊

All my love, 

Violet xx


Bound to her, he lies

Cuffs soft and supple above his head 

Blindfold silken round his eyes

Shivering tingles delight his senses 

At the feel of her nails 

Gently running down his chest

Lips he’d been blessed to kiss 

Teasing the sweet spot on his shoulder 

Toying with him, his breath shallows 

She leaves him, void fills the air

Thick and heavy



Swift and suddent, the soft leather paddle strikes

Exhilarating rush, he gasps aloud 


“Count.” She commands. 


“One…” He pushes through a hushed moan 


“Thank me.” She orders. 


“Two…Thank you, Ma’am…” 

He counts to ten, silence screams loud 

Before lips merge to one

Fervent and raw 

His mind drifts in ecstasy 

She has claimed him hers 

Violet Grey

Copyright, 2017 – The Life of Violet

All Rights Reserved. 

*Picture – Pinterest 

A productive day 

Just completed four shows in two days, so I have a lie in tomorrow as there’s only one show tomorrow night, before a two show day on Saturday. 

And I’m still wired. My body is tired but my head’s still very much awake. Not in a bad way, I’ve had a lot of funny things that have happened today to really make me chuckle, such as little inside jokes with the actors I change during the show. 

One of whom I had a few problems with at the beginning (due to him not being responsible with costume. A dresser’s headache!) I’m getting along with a lot better now. Also another actor who I’ve got along with from the start continuing to bond and have a laugh during our changes. 

It’s been a productive day. New notes have been added to my plot list, I liased with the children’s chaperones on costume, delegated on any unaccounted for costume (one of the girls had accidentally taken a t shirt home with her) and got any costume in need of repair/alterations back in to wardrobe, with plenty of time to get stuck in with the post-show laundry, before costume maintenance notes with our boss.(And breath! 😂) 

Also in between shows today, we had to hand some costume (a few pieces that are in my preset) over to stage management as we were having what’s called a “Touch Tour”. 

A Touch Tour is where before a show, members of audience who are blind/partially sighted can come on stage and feel certain costumes. 

Our show tonight was audio descriptive and also signed for those who are deaf/hard of hearing, so it made sense to do this. We’ve also had “relaxed performances” in the past, where loud sound and lighting effects/shouting is made quieter, to cater for those who are senstive to sensory overload if too loud I.e. audience members with autism. 

It’s been a productive day, and though my mind is still not fully wound down, I’m ready for bed! 

All my love,

Violet xx

A little more relaxed 

Today was a two show day and I was in early to do laundry. I pulled a 13 hour day, starting at 10am and finishng at 11pm. It’s now 12:40am and I’m winding down for the night. 

I decided to try my best to take things more in my stride today instead of stressing the small stuff. Though it was difficult at first, I managed to keep a relatively calm head (or at least calmer than I have been recently) and I enjoyed it more.

I took the plunge and put my actress’s harness belt as part of my preset rather than taking it straight to where it needs to be straight after the show, as par my boss’ suggestion.

It proved to be less time consuming and I wasn’t stressing about it needing to be here or there immediately for my own peace of mind. 

At one point in the first act, I have about ten minutes in the same place before my next change, so I can sit and chill for a bit. I decided to try and put this to good use by doing a little meditation and just trying to focus on my breath and bring myself more in to the here and now. 

It was nice to have that bit of ‘me’ time to just take a moment. I think I’ll carry on doing a meditation then if I can, as much as I love talking to the lady on wigs and one of the other dressers, I need to take care of me for a bit. 

After a lovely, relaxing shower with the eucalyptus soap I ordered from my Boxing Day spend (it smells incredible) and lavender body lotion, I’m ready to head to bed. I have to be in at 12pm tomorrow so I’m wanting to get as much sleep as possible. 

Hopefully I’ll be as calm, hopefully if not calmer, tomorrow. No two days are the same, hey, tomorrow may even be hell on earth but I’ve accepted you can only do so much. Just take one step in front of the other and we can only think about what’s happening now. 

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 

All my love, 

Violet xx

Being forgetful and being too hard on myself 

I admit, I get forgetful of things sometimes. When I feel a under pressure (most of the time right now), I get more so, because I don’t want to forget anything. 

It’s a vicious cycle. The more you don’t want to forget, the more you forget. The more you be a perfectionist, wanting to prove you can do your job (exhibit A *points at self*) the more room you open up for error and forgetting things. 

Tonight I forgot to check on my actress at the 15 minute call, like we always do to make sure they have everything they need and if they need any help with costume.

I was so wrapped up in making sure I hadn’t forgot anything in my preset (having been off ill for five days) that I forgot to check on her, only to find out two minutes before the show started that her mic belt was not with her. 

Turns out it had somehow (how, I don’t know) got mixed with one of the other actress’ mic belts, as I found out through my boss. I felt like a schmuck. 

Then I forgot to make sure her harness belt was in her room. The other dresser had left it downstage and I’d forgot to put it in my notes to her when I was ill to ALWAYS put it in her dressing room after the show (my boss says I don’t have to do this but as it’s an important piece of costume, for my own peace of mind I do anyway so I know it’s definitely there). 

I felt like an even bigger schmuck then. 

I hate making mistakes at work (as you can probably tell). Especially when it comes to a relatively new job, I don’t want those around me at work to think I’m not capable or cut out for this. 

One of my New Year’s resolutions is not to be so hard on myself as I put way way too much pressure on myself to “prove I can do a good job”. 

Hopefully I will be more with it tomorrow, and cut myself some slack. We make mistakes, we’re only human. We learn from them and move on. 

Note to self: I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself! 

All my love,

Violet xx